Tip of the week: the ringtone that adapts to the ambient noise

Tip of the week: the ringtone that adapts to the ambient noise

Does it ever happen to you to have your phone in normal mode, but to completely miss a call? To the point that you were wondering if there is not a problem and that it should perhaps be checked that it sounds good? Or that your ears work well? Well, it's over thanks to a great application – think about it. Intelligent Ringer alone adjusts the volume of your ringtone to ambient noise. Is not it wonderful?

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<p style=The app was released recently on the Google Play Store and has already received five paintings. We have tested it and I say it, I affirm it: it is very powerful to find the perfect volume. Here are the settings it proposes:

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Pocket Factor: By using the proximity factor of your Android, the app determines whether or not your phone is in your pocket or bag and will increase the volume according to the settings you choose.

Precision: This setting lets you determine how much precision you require from the app to get the perfect volume. Warning: if you set it higher, the application will take longer to analyze the sound environment and restore a suitable volume. You can even miss your call!

Sensitivity: This is the sensitivity of the microphone, which you should keep 10.

I installed the app a few days ago and – so far – it worked perfectly. When I listen to music, my phone rings loud enough for me to hear. But when I walk along a quiet street, the smartphone does not start screaming its ring, making people return in its path. The app does not offer other features besides this, but it does its job perfectly. Download it today!

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