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Tip: how to charge your iPhone faster

iphone quick recharge 850x425 Tip: how to recharge your iPhone faster

According to rumors, the iPhone 8 will offer fast charging technology (see iPhone 8: at least 5 teams are developing wireless charging). In the meantime, here are two tips to charge your iPhone faster.

Use an iPad charger

The first tip is to use an iPad charger instead of the charger that came with the iPhone. The charger that comes with the iPad has a 12W 2.1A adapter, while the headed smartphone is content with a 5W 1A. In addition, Apple guarantees that there is no risk in using the iPad charger with another iDevice.

This tip will allow you to charge your mobile in two hours instead of three. If you don’t have an iPad, you can buy a 12W charger from Apple’s official website.

Activate iPhone airplane mode

Activating airplane mode will allow you to speed up the recharging of your phone. Open the Control Center of your iPhone and press the airplane icon. You will see an airplane icon appear on the upper left of the screen.

It is also possible to activate airplane mode from Settings. Remember that when this mode is activated, you will not receive messages or telephone calls, and will not be able to browse the internet. Using these two tips, you can charge your smartphone about twice as fast.


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