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Tiny Troopers app temporarily free

Tiny Troopers app temporarily free

The publisher Chillingo offers to get its application free of charge this Tuesday, staging a troop of miniature soldiers, to say the least, eccentric!


Do not waste time if you are fans of adventure games on the App Store. Indeed, the editor Chillingo offers to get the Tiny Troopers app for free this Tuesday. This is a cannon-flesh type game, ideal for venting, with a pleasant visual and where your objective will be to complete various missions to win the war. Concretely, you embody 3 over-ranged soldiers whose missions will consist of destroying enemies, sweeping different structures and escorting journalists in sensitive areas. Several equipment and weapons will be made available for this, such as grenades, bazooka, machine gun, and many others. Tiny Troopers is relatively simple to play and benefits from rather successful 3D graphics. Note that the game contains 30 explosive missions spread over 3 chapters where you will have to evolve your troops and climb in the hierarchy.

Download the Tiny Troopers app on the App Store (temporarily free instead of 2.59).

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The trailer: