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Tinder is a geolocation dating application. A simple interface, lots of users, but a somewhat Manichean selection of profiles.

The “tinder” is the English translation of tinder, this very flammable brown substance from a fungus that covers trees. And thanks to Tinder, you too will have the opportunity to catch fire at the first opportunity.

Designed for mobile devices, the application is very easy to use.

Create your account by directly importing your information and photos from Facebook. Thanks to the geolocation system of your smartphone, Tinder displays profiles of members near your location. It’s up to you to select the distance perimeter and the age group that suit you.

A name, an age and a photo gallery appear on each profile, which you will necessarily have to “like” or “disliker” to go to the next one. If the person “likes” you in return, there is a “match”: a chat window then allows you to get to know each other better.

Note the possibility of selecting male, female or both profiles.