Tim Cook would make a million dollars a day

Tim Cook would make a million dollars a day

According to New york times, Apple's Tim Cook’s C.E.O., reportedly raised about $ 376 million in revenue in 2011. That, however, combines a salary and a huge amount of Apple stock.


“What C.E.O is worth $ 1 million a day?” recently titled the New york times in its columns. In its sights, Apple boss Tim Cook, whose estimated revenue has been worth $ 377.1 million for the past year. Steve Jobs' successor won than 900,000 dollars (688,000 euros) in 2011, the bulk of its revenues came from Apple shares for the staggering amount of 376.2 million dollars (288 million euros).

To put a layer on it, the American daily – whose relations with Apple have not been in good shape since the beginning of the year (Foxconn affair) – mentions in an infographic that all the income of the boss of Apple for the Last year equivalent to 70,000 years of work for a Foxconn employee, 757,000 iPads sold and 75 million iPhoto applications sold. Enough to arouse controversy in these times of crisis.

For his part, CNN considers that the revelations of the New york times are exaggerated in the sense that Tim Cook only received a salary of 900,000 dollars last year (~ 90,000 dollars / month) and that the rest, he comes from stock options whose amounts can only be touched in ten years. provided that Tim Cook stays with Apple.

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(Source: NYT / CNN )