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Tim Cook to testify at next Apple-Qualcomm lawsuit


Posted: March 29 2019
Updated: March 29, 2019

by Steve

Apple and Qualcomm, a great story… of hate. The two actors have been mired for several months in various trials. The latest, brought by Qualcomm to the bar, accuses the apple brand of three patent infringements: one allowed a phone to quickly connect to the Internet, and the other two were related to autonomy and with smartphone applications. Apple lost the lawsuit and was ordered to pay the former modem supplier $ 31 million.

tim cook - Tim Cook to testify at next Apple-Qualcomm lawsuit

As of April 15, Apple is counterattacking. The Cupertino company has in fact brought a suit against Qualcomm for abuse of a dominant position. Being one of the only suppliers of smartphone modems, Qualcomm would indeed abuse its almost monopoly. According to Apple, Qualcomm takes the opportunity to ask for a percentage on each iPhone sold when the supplier did not participate in the design of the apple phone.

During this trial, Tim Cook, but also Bob Manfield (ex-material manager at Apple), Jeff Williams (number 2 at Apple), Phil Schiller (marketing manager at Apple) and Bruce Sewell (ex-Apple general counsel ) are expected to testify at this trial event. Tim Cook will have to answer questions from judges and the defense, in particular about the performance and financial agreements of the Californian company. Qualcomm boss Steven Mollenkopf will also be at the helm.