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Tim Cook: Tech companies must be held accountable for the chaos they create


Posted: 18 June 2019
Updated: June 17, 2019

by Steve

The sacrosanct patron ofApple, replacing Steve Jobs, gave a passionate speech this Sunday at Stanford University. Tim cook then approached various subjects, including his private life, his predecessor and the role in the world of technology companies. And if he is the head of one of the largest of these, it does not prevent that the CEO of Apple remains critical towards them.

According to him, technology companies must indeed be held responsible for the chaos they create. Behind this rather nebulous sentence, Tim Cook recognizes that a lot of hacks occur and target these companies, leading with them data leaks, breaches of confidentiality, massive sharing of fake news, etc. “It is a little crazy that someone has to say that, but if you have built a factory of chaos, you cannot escape the responsibility of this chaos,” said Tim Cook.

“If we accept as normal and inevitable that everything in our life can be aggregated, sold and even disclosed in the event of hacking, then we are losing so much more than data. We lose the freedom to be human (…) We deserve better. You deserve better, ”said Tim Cook. One way like another to promote your business. Finally, as for Steve Jobs, he said, “Your mentors can leave you prepared, but they cannot leave you ready.”