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Tim Cook spotted the Apple Store in Beijing

Tim Cook spotted the Apple Store in Beijing

A photo posted on the Weibo social network demonstrates the presence of Apple's C.E.O at the Apple Store in Pkin on Monday. Tim Cook’s visit to China could translate into meetings between Apple and the three local telecom operators, with a view to the arrival of the sixth generation iPhone.

Tim Cook was seen on Monday morning in the Apple Store in Beijing. A visit which obviously did not go unnoticed since a photo of the C.E.O of Apple was quickly diffused on Weibo (the famous Asian “Twitter”). The Apple Store, visited by Tim Cook, is one of the five Apple stores in China (two Pkin and three Shanghai), it opened in 2010 on the occasion of the start of marketing of the iPhone 4. It s is one of the most profitable Apple Stores in the world in terms of volumes of goods flowed daily.

The purpose of an Apple delegation’s trip to China is not officially known. However, according to a source familiar with the matter, Tim Cook made the trip to meet with the leaders of the three local telecom operators to discuss the arrival of the sixth generation of the iPhone, which should be launched around the month October.

Apple boss could also take advantage of his visit to China to finally seal his partnership with China Mobile, the largest Chinese operator with more than 600 million customers – 15 million of whom use an iPhone in a roundabout way . Recent rumors have said that Apple is having trouble negotiating with China Mobile deemed "too aggressive".

As iPhone sales soar in China, it is clear that Apple is keenly interested in developing its partnerships in this country. China has become one of the most successful markets for iPhone sales, just behind the United States. In November, an analyst estimated that the sales of iPhone in China could exceed those of the United States and thus become the large market of this smartphone in the world.

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(Source: Apple Insider )