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Tim Cook pays tribute to Steve Jobs in a short video on Twitter

steve jobs tim cook Tim Cook rend hommage à Steve Jobs dans une courte vidéo sur Twitter

steve jobs tim cook Tim Cook pays tribute to Steve Jobs in a short video on Twitter

Steve Jobs would have been 64 on February 24. Tim Cook, current CEO, posted a video to his Twitter account as a tribute to Jobs.

In this short video, which films a still shot of a pond in Apple Park, Tim Cook mentioned that ?Steve?s vision is reflected everywhere around us in Apple Park. He would have loved this place he had imagined himself. It is the home and inspiration of future innovations from Apple. We miss him today for his 64th birthday, as well as every day. ?

Steve Jobs had actually played a big role in the construction of Apple Park. In June 2011, he went to Cupertino city council to unveil his proposal for the new Apple campus.

In September 2017, at an event for the iPhone X, Tim Cook explained what Steve Jobs wanted to do with the design of the project Apple park :

?His vision for Apple Park was to create an incredible workplace for the future. A place where engineers and designers could all work together on the next generation of Apple products to change the world.

Steve?s vision is still alive at Apple Park and everywhere at Apple. Today and forever, we honor him. ?

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