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Tim Cook, on a secret visit to Paris?

Tim Cook, on a secret visit to Paris?

Apple’s C.E.O jet has been parked at Le Bourget airport since Thursday. A presence which could be notably the source of the conflict between the dealers and the Cupertino company.

Tim Cook, Apple's C.E.O | D.R.

The information is reported by our colleagues from Macbidouille. The latter claim to have obtained information according to which Tim Cook’s private jet landed on Thursday at Le Bourget airport, located not far from Paris.

according to, the presence of the boss of Apple on French soil could be explained by the fact that the latter would have wished to make the trip, in person, in order to settle certain difficult matters such as partnerships with French content publishers or even the current conflict with Apple Premium Resellers (APR).

While Apple is about to launch the third generation of its iPad, Tim Cook would have liked to meet the management of the daily The world and that of the group Hatchet to introduce them exclusively to the new tablet and, of course, resolve the issue regarding the partnership between them in the sale of subscriptions on the iTunes Store.

Regarding the current dispute with the APR, Tim Cook could presumably have made the trip to meet Franois Prudent, the boss of eBizcuss, one of the main independent Apple resellers in Europe. Indeed, it is now urgent to settle this matter at a time when many employees of the French group are increasingly concerned about safeguarding their jobs. Recall that the APR have really found themselves “the knife under the throat” in recent months because of the American group who delay delivering them in stamped products of the apple brand. The boss of eBizcuss said that the group’s turnover had fallen by 30% in the third quarter of 2011, while Apple had seen its turnover grow by 60% this year. An incomprehensible situation "which is becoming more and more critical" had estimated Franois Prudent who had indicated "that he hoped to obtain clear and precise answers all his concerns".

The employees of the APR are afraid of the transition Steve Jobs to Tim Cook.

Asked about the start of the "Cook" era at Apple, the boss of eBizcuss wonders about a possible change of strategy within Apple. A feeling shared by employees who fear for their jobs, “I don't know if things are better or worse since the appointment of Tim Cook. What I can say, however, is that since the disappearance of Steve Jobs, we feel that people are afraid for their jobs and that they dare not move ”, said Franois Prudent. It is therefore not excluded that the Apple boss will go in person to settle this dispute.

Contact about a possible presence of Tim Cook Paris, Apple's press service was happy with his usual response: “We don't comment on rumors or speculations”.

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