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Tim Cook is the highest paid American boss

Tim Cook is the highest paid American boss

Apple CEO Tim Cook tops the list of America's Best Country Bosses in 2011, thanks to stock options allowing him to outpace his closest rival by more than $ 300 million, according to an investigation of Wall street journal.


Tim Cook, who took over as chief executive officer of Apple in August, two months before the death of founder and former boss Steve Jobs, has a salary of some $ 377.98 million, according to an investigation released Monday. Of this total, Cook earned some $ 900,000 in salary and as much in performance bonus. Most of his compensation comes from the million restricted shares that were granted to him at the time of his appointment.

Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison is in second place in this ranking, with $ 76.01 million.

These figures, taken from annual reports to shareholders, were compiled by Hay Group on behalf of the daily and relate to the 300 largest companies listed in the United States according to their turnover.

CBS TV boss Leslie Moonves is in third place with $ 69.32 million, followed by JCPenney distressed clothing general manager Ronald Johnson ($ 53.27 million). Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha is fifth with $ 46.59 million.

The top 10 still includes the bosses of Citigroup, Viacom, Motorola Solutions, Walt Disney and Ford.

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(Source: AFP.)