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Tim Cook is not the personality of the year for Time magazine

Tim Cook is not the personality of the year for Time magazine

The American magazine preferred to choose President Barack Obama as personality of the year 2012, relegating Tim Cook to third place.


The Time to rvl this Wednesday which was the personality of the year 2012. The choice fell on the president Barack Obama designated as so “Architect of a New America”, relegating the boss of Apple to third place, just behind Malala Yousafzai, a teenager Pakistani woman shot in the head for campaigning for girls' education.

The person of the year in Time is the person or thing that has most influenced culture and the news in the past year, for better or for worse.

Obama received the same honor in 2008 when he was President-in-Office. Last year, Time had chosen the protester, in particular in tribute to the activists of the Arab Spring and those of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The weekly took advantage of the announcement of its result to highlight the personality differences between the late Apple boss and his successor: He is a seducer, a southern accent, slow, soft voice. He's not coming to you, he's waiting for you to come to him. And sooner or later you do it, not because you have to, but because you want to. . The weekly goes on to say that Tim Cook told him that he had decided, long before Jobs told him to give him his job, to stay himself and that he would in no way seek to change his way of being.

The Time then enchants the portrait of the boss of Apple, and more particularly on the way of life of the latter, indicating that he usually wakes up every day 3:45 to answer emails and take advantage of the time difference to make contact with its teams around the world. Before going to his office located on the Cupertino campus, Cook plays sports and quickly goes to Starbuck to also answer a few emails.

Tim Cook is present as a man who seeks to resolve urgent problems without delay, Things are going very fast at Apple, and my experience makes me think that major problems do not go away on their own. , he said.

While working at Compaq as vice president of production and supply, and Apple was just a small business on the brink, he says he was impressed with his first meeting with Steve Jobs, 15 years ago, for his recruitment. Jobs explained to him what his vision was and how much he was betting on the future of his company on the general public when the competition only targeted the corporate sector. A few days after his meeting, Cook was resigning from Compaq and a director of operations awaiting him at Apple.

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