Tim Cook earned $ 11.5 million in 2019, less than last year

Tim Cook Sourire Exterieur - Tim Cook a gagné 11,5 millions de dollars en 2019, moins que l’année dernière


Posted: January 5 2020Updated: January 5, 2020

by Steve

When you are the leader of a multinational, you generally earn a good living. And it’s not Tim cook, all smiles on the photo, which will tell us the opposite… You wonder why he seems so happy? Well because the boss ofApple earned no less than $ 11.6 million in 2019. A huge sum that can only make you happy. And yet, this large amount is lower than last year, in 2018, since the proud owner of the apple brand had earned $ 15.7 million at the time! More than $ 4 million difference, therefore.

Tim Cook Outdoor Smile - Tim Cook earned $ 11.5 million in 2019, less than last year

In detail, note that Tim Cook’s base salary is $ 3 million a year, plus two nice little bonuses of $ 7.7 million and $ 884,000 as miscellaneous compensation and varied. Among them, security services, the use of a private jet, we pass and better. In the end, Tim Cook therefore earns very precisely $ 11,555,466.

Tim Cook Salaries for Apple Executives 2019 - Tim Cook Earned $ 11.5 Million in 2019, Less Than Last Year

Ah, and we forgot to specify: Tim Cook also exercised his options on 560,000 shares, so he was able to realize a gain of $ 113 million. Not bad, the added value. In the image above, we can see all the leaders of the brand and their salary. Some have earned more than Tim Cook it seems!