Tim Cook confirms launch in April

Tim Cook confirms launch in April

The declaration ofAngela Ahrendts, the Apple Store manager, regarding an Apple Watch launch in spring 2015, was ultimately the fairest: the first connected watch of the Cupertino group will be marketed from April.

Apple Watch personalization Tim Cook, CEO of the Californian giant, himself confirmed this during the presentation of financial results corresponding to the first fiscal quarter of 2015 (roughly the end of 2014) which exceeded all expectations and leads to a record volume of 74.5 million iPhones sold.

"My expectations of them are very high. I use it everyday. I love it and i can't live without", said the group's boss.

The Watch watch will arrive on an already well-stocked market, but analysts are rather optimistic about its potential, evaluating 10 to 30 million units the potential volume for the whole year, knowing that the low range would already be an excellent result in this emerging segment.

The Apple watch will be based like the other mobile products of the brand on a catalog of dedicated applications which Tim Cook already announces that the number is "impressive". To see however if theautonomy, which should not be very different from that of the watches already available, will not hinder its adoption.