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Tim Cook: “Android is like Europe”

Apple Tim Cook - Tim Cook : « Android est comme l

Apple Tim Cook - Tim Cook : « Android est comme l


Posted: February 10 2014Updated: February 10, 2014

by Youssouf

In a long interview with The Wall Street Journal, Tim cook compared Android to Europe, stating that wars between computers and mobiles could not be compared.

Tim Cook said that the Android OS is made up of many different things under one banner, unlike Windows, which is a uniform platform. The declaration of CEO ofApple followed a question asking if the mobile device market would eventually follow that of the PC market, where the Apple firm remains a relatively small player compared to Windows.

Apple Tim Cook - Tim Cook: According to him, we cannot make a direct comparison between the PC and mobile market Indeed, one of the historical differences between the Mac and Windows has been the lack of applications available on the Apple computer, while iOS has a very strong development base. Over the years, the gap has continued to grow because the Mac has lost some key applications.

However, on mobile devices, Apple has more than a million applications with half of them specifically optimized for the iPad (read: App Store: 1 million applications). On Android, Cook says there are only 1,000 apps optimized for tablets, which is why “the experience is so bad”.