Tim Cook also responds to emails

Succession is recent, and it's not always easy to replace one of the best CEOs in the world, but Tim Cook has his work cut out for him and he is already trying to seduce fans of the Apple brand. The new Apple boss is overwhelmed with emails, probably asking for multiple details on the future of the box or future models, see the health of Steve, who will remain the "Boss" in the minds of Aficionados.

Some of them, such as this former Auburn University student Tim Cook, had the great pleasure of receiving a response from the CEO himself by email! Tim Cook responded by signing the school's motto: "War Eagle forever".

This is only an irrelevant anecdote, probably more to reassure himself about the state of Steve Jobs, but we hope that he will pass this difficult course, and that we will still be able to talk about him for a long time, a very long time …

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[Source: MacRumors]