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Tim Cook admits iPhone is too expensive… in India

iphone 6s plus - Tim Cook avoue que l

iphone 6s plus - Tim Cook avoue que l


Posted: May 25, 2016
Updated: May 25, 2016

by Calvin

The China runs out of steam and Apple looking for new markets to conquer. If Europe, Japan and America are saturated, Africa almost nonexistent in terms of iPhone market share, India and Oceania remain the only territories not yet fully conquered. With a first foray last year following Narendra Modhi’s visit to the USA, which ended with a meeting with Tim Cook, the Apple firm is now considering investing in the Indian subcontinent market.

Before even starting the real phase of technological invasion of India, Tim Cook is already at the origin of a big blunder, where he admits that the price of the iPhone is far too high. If we stop at this, it is impossible to fully understand his statements, since we must of course restore the facts in their context.

iphone 6s plus - Tim Cook admits that the iPhone is too expensive ... in IndiaTim Cook visited chain in India NDTV, to whom he said: ” I recognize that the prices of the iPhone are high. We want to try to fix it over time but as much as possible, without lowering our quality level ” It didn’t take more than that to set the powder on fire in the discussion forums. As a reminder, India is a developing country, where there is still glaring poverty. With average salaries estimated at 150 € per month, it is difficult for the inhabitants of this South Asian country to afford iDevices, more specifically the iPhone, the price of which can sometimes exceed 130% of its US value.

Questioned by the journalist about the why of these salty tariffs of the iPhones in India, Tim Cook simply recalled the prohibitive customs duties and various taxes which his teams take into account when fixing the prices of his devices. Concluding by highlighting the low margins achieved by Apple on Indian soil, the boss of the brand has completely ruled out a likely drop in prices for his smartphones, now his main source of profit …