TikTok strengthens its privacy settings for the youngest and imposes a private profile on them

TikTok has announced a change in privacy settings for its younger users. From now on, the profiles of children under 15 will be automatically configured as private, while the possibilities of interactions will be limited with other accounts.

Credits: Pixabay

TikTok is undeniably popular among younger people. The profiles of minors proliferate there and, with them, risks to their security and privacy. The Chinese social network has announced that it wants strengthen control measures concerning them. “As the youngest begin their digital journey, we believe it is important to provide them with appropriate privacy settings”.

These measures apply primarily to users under the age of 15. The latter will see their profile become private by default. In this way, only people accepted as a subscriber by the user will be able to access his videos. “We want our younger users to be able to make thoughtful choices about what they want and who they want to share. […]. By engaging them early on privacy issues, we can help them better manage their online privacy ”.

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TikTok makes the profiles of the youngest private by default

Other measures accompany this decision on the part of the Chinese social network. The latter indicates among other things that only friends with the profile of a person under 15 years old will be able to comment on his videos. “Duets” and downloads can only be done with videos posted by users over 16 years old. Between 16 and 17 years old, the Duets cannot be only with friendly users.

TikTok also wished to recall the measures already taken to “Promote safety” of its young members. Lives are therefore only possible from the age of 16, while only those over 18 can receive virtual gifts. Finally, members under 13 have access to “Limited experience” of the application, which includes specific settings as well as proposals for adapted content at the age.

After the affair of its potential exclusion from the United States, banned at the last minute, TikTok has every interest in putting on a good face when it comes to the safety of its users. After breaking numerous download records, 2021 will be a pivotal year for the social network. Next step: compete with YouTube and the other big names in the industry.

Source: TikTok