TikTok: soon 3-minute videos on the app to compete with YouTube?

TikTok is reportedly testing the possibility of posting 3-minute videos on its platform. Since its inception, the application has only allowed uploading videos of 1 minute maximum, a format appreciated by users. The social network could therefore imitate Twitter’s strategy to get closer to the content that can be found on IGTV or even YouTube.

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TikTok could say goodbye to the formula that contributed to its success to turn to videos of 3 minutes. According to Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, the Chinese company has entered a test phase to allow its users to post longer content. For now, these are limited to 1-minute videos, a format which, like Vine at the time, is appreciated for its ability to be consumed quickly.

With these additional 2 minutes, TikTok could make it possible to borrow songs from their almost all, which would drastically change the content broadcast, especially since Sony finally allows the use of thousands of music. If it is initially known for its many playback challenges, the platform could find itself offering videos closer to those posted on YouTube or IGTV, like tutorials, vlogs or even “story times”.

TikTok gets closer to YouTube and IGTV format with 3-minute videos

Internet users are generally reluctant to see their favorite application undergo major updates. The possibility of writing tweets of 280 characters had particularly caused a stir at the time. Nevertheless, history has also shown that users end up not get used to changes, whether for Twitter or for Instagram’s new design.

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The latter could therefore appropriate this update by offering content adapted to this new format. For the moment, it’s difficult to know what will result from this potential update. The length of the videos was never really a constraint in the creation anyway, as Vine showed with its 6 seconds, or YouTube by pushing the contents of more than 10 minutes.