TikTok launches new effect that uses LiDAR from iPhone 12 Pro

TikTok finally uses the LiDAR technology offered by the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max and unveils a brand new effect of the most convincing. On the video posted on the social network’s Twitter account, we see in particular that the elements integrate perfectly into their environment. With a few exceptions, the effect is available in countries around the world.


We are finally starting to see what LiDAR technology is capable of. TikTok, the most downloaded app of 2020 ahead of Facebook, unveiled a brand new eaugmented reality effect building on the technology present on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. This can be used simply by clicking on the + sign and then going to “New effects”.

Thanks to the scanner of smartphones, the Chinese social network is able to integrate 3D elements in organic environments very realistically. In the presentation video, confetti flies before landing on the person as well as on the various pieces of furniture in the room. When the person leaves the field, the confetti falls to the ground and remains motionless if the camera ever moves.

TikTok finally uses the LiDAR scanner for its effects

Thanks to its advanced computing capacities, the LiDAR sensor can therefore precisely measure the height of people, but also allow the development of stunning augmented reality effects. Snapchat was the first application to offer filters where we see vegetation growing around the person as well as on the walls and furniture in a room. The Chinese social network claims to be “Excited to develop new innovative effects for 2021”.

The supposed ban of TikTok from the United States obviously did not stop the social network from working on new features for its members. A godsend for Apple, which plans to equip all iPhone 13s with a LiDAR sensor after making it one of the main selling points iPhone 12. TikTok’s new effects are available from today in the whole world. However, it seems that some countries do not have access to it.