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“Tick Different”: Apple loses lawsuit against Swatch


Posted: April 5 2019
Updated: April 4, 2019

by Steve

Between an old man of the old and a newcomer, the cloth can quickly burn. The proof with is with Swatch, the historic Swiss clockmaker who surely rocked your youth, and Apple, builder who started Apple Watch only a few years ago. In 2017, it was not the youngster who was inspired by his older brother, but the opposite. Swatch had indeed implemented its slogan ” Tick ​​Different “, Openly inspired by Apple’s phrase” Think different ” Apple had therefore filed a complaint against the watchmaking group.

tick different swatch -

The Cupertino company therefore decided to take the case to Swiss courts: since the two brands were now playing in the same court, they were head-to-head competitors in the watch sector. To be able to win the lawsuit, the Californian manufacturer had to prove that at least 5% of consumers associated ” Think different With Apple. Swatch thought for its part that the Apple slogan was not well known in Switzerland.

At the end of the procedure, the judge dismissed Apple’s complaint and recognized Swatch as legitimate in its use of ” Tick ​​Different ” The Apple would not have provided enough documents. Quite ironic: in 2015, Swatch had registered the brand “One more thing”, a sentence however pronounced at each keynote by the late Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook…