Well thought out and ideal for communicating with close Instagram friends, Threads is good instant messaging centered on the camera and quick sharing of pictures with family or friends. We also bet that the few shortcomings such as sending audio messages will be filled in future updates.

Instagram Threads

An application focused on close friends

Oriented for personal Instagram profiles, the Threads messaging application is first of all thought of as an Instagram “companion” application like Messenger for Facebook. Threads allows you to communicate, share photos and videos and communicate its current status to everyone who belongs to the list of close friends established under Instagram.

Camera-centric interface

Once close friends are defined, the application allows you to send messages, photos and videos to each contact. It is also possible to add photos from the gallery as well as animated GIFs that look more like clipart. Even if audio and video chat is available, the app does not allow you to send quick audio messages.Threads
The camera opens automatically when the application is opened and comes in handy for quickly sending a photo or selfie in the blink of an eye. As required, each snapshot can be viewed once or kept in the conversation history.

A customizable and automatic status

The user can also modify his status by going through the options or by clicking on his avatar. Among the options available, Threads allows you to create your own maximum available status for 4 hours or choose an automatic status based on geolocation, travel and network connection of the device.

Personal data and the location of the user are not communicated. Automatic statuses instead display statuses such as At home, At the beach, Relax or At work.


A neat interface

Threads for Android is very simple to use and allows you to quickly send photos to your close Instagram friends. The interface is fluid, intuitive and customizable thanks to 5 integrated themes.