Thousands of subscriber data sold in the UK

Thousands of subscriber data sold in the UK

Image 1: Thousands of subscriber data sold in the UKA former employee of T-Mobile UK has sold the personal data of thousands of the operator’s customers. The case is causing a scandal in the United Kingdom.

Names, addresses and telephone numbers

It was the operator who himself warned the ICO (the commission responsible for data protection) after realizing the malice of his former employee. T-Mobile said it has “since implemented a system to minimize the risk of recurrence. “

According to the ICO, “the information was sold to the operator’s competitors, whose agents used the data to call customers before the expiry date of their contract in order to offer them a competitive offer. The operator claims that thousands of data were illegally obtained … Substantial sums of money were exchanged. The ICO has obtained several search warrants and has searched certain places. “

But current legislation would not be enough of a deterrent to prevent such practices, says commission chief Chritopher Graham: “The threat of prison, not fines, would be a more effective deterrent.” Names, addresses and phone numbers are part of the data sold by the former employee.

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