Thought-controlled iOS app

Thought-controlled iOS app

Lditeur MINDGAMES just released its new W.I.L.D app that can interact with brain waves with the help of headphones.

Have you always dreamed of being able to pilot the hero of a video game thanks to your thoughts? This is what the new WILD application offers where users, equipped with a headset – capable of reading brain waves – hover over landscapes, relax or even fold spoons, all just by the magic of their thinking .

Embedded technology is largely based on electroencephalography used in hospitals to read the brain activity of patients.

The Icelandic editor is not his first application of this kind since he launched last year Tug of Mind, an application that invites players to remain impassive to threats from an opponent made from the portrait of their acquaintances.

People emotionally overwrite threats that exist little, if at all except in their own heads, then justified Deepa Iyengar, CEO of MindGames.

In addition, NeuroFocus has just launched its first wireless headset called Mynd. She has already announced that she plans to test it in homes, movie theaters, shopping malls and on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

The W.I.L.D app is available on the App Store for 3.99 in version iPhone and iPad.

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