This ultra secure computer can self-destruct if needed

This ultra secure computer can self-destruct if needed

Image 1: This ultra secure computer can destroy itself if necessary

In order to guarantee maximum security, the ORWL mini-pc has a device for destroying peripherals and physical data. The size of a palm, it is essentially geared towards protecting user data. It is indeed designed with several security filters in order to prevent possible hackers to access it: you need not only a password and a wireless correspondence key to turn on the pebble-shaped computer, but in addition, the processor as well as the USB and HDMI ports turn off automatically when the key of correspondence is moved out of reach, preventing any hacking attempt. And if that is not enough, the anti-intrusion system will erase all encrypted data on the hard drive as a last resort for data protection and backup.

A mini-pc entirely focused on security

On the specification side, ORWL is compatible with Ubuntu, Windows and Qubes OS operating systems. Powered by an Intel Core M processor and an Intel HD Graphics 515 300 / 1000MHz graphics card, it incorporates 2 to 8 GB (1600 MHz) of RAM, supplemented by mSATA SSD storage up to 512 GB. It also has USB 3.0 Type-C and HDMI connectivity, as well as Bluetooth 2.1 and WiFi connectivity.

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If generally, the privacy security devices are superimposed, ORWL also stands out by offering innovative features. The miniature computer is equipped with an integrated mesh which protects the secure controller, a motion sensor and a pressure switch to reinforce the physical protection of the device. In addition, it comes with secure boot technology with firmware update and a preventive motion sensor to compensate for data loss due to shocks. Finally, the device works with open-source hardware and software so that we know exactly what’s going on inside. We are also talking about a temperature monitoring system and protection against attacks by lateral channels…

Design SHIFT nevertheless wants to be careful in indicating that despite all the measures taken to prevent possible intrusions, ORWL is not completely safe from known ransomware. Count 1699 $ to acquire this mini-pc which promises total security of your data! The first deliveries are scheduled for mid-August!

ORWL animation

Image 2: This ultra secure computer can destroy itself if necessary