This mouse hides a laptop and keyboard

This mouse hides a laptop and keyboard

A great inventor named Electric Grenade posted a video on Youtube retracing the way he designed the “Computer Mouse”, a real laptop built into the body of a mouse.

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The “Computer Mouse” is a real computer. It can rotate several derivatives of Linux. Its case includes a tiny retractable keyboard, a Raspberry Pi Zero, and a 1.5 inch OLED screen with a definition of 128 x 128 pixels. If it is obviously impossible to get started in video editing or even in a Netflix session with this device, let us salute the work of integration and miniaturization of Mr Grenade. Having quickly realized that no commercial mouse would have the size required to incorporate a Raspberry Pi and all the other components and accessories he chose toprint your own components in 3D.

As is, the prototype crashes as soon as the demand for resources is too high and the integrated Bluetooth keyboard is anti-ergonomic as possible. The inventor having no intention of marketing it, this microcomputer will therefore remain at the stage of the demonstration of feasibility.

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