This is why your smartphone battery charges slowly

Is your Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S6 charging slowly? Your iPhone 6 or Note 5 is not charging as fast as before? The truth is, whether you have Sasmung or an LG, Huawei or Xiaomi, this problem affects all smartphones after a while, and usually for the same reasons. In this article, we’ll tell you why your smartphone is charging slowly and what you can do about it.

You know the deal: hot date scheduled for tonight, come home late from work, no chance your battery will last all night and only 15 minutes of charging. Still, it seems like your battery still takes a lot longer to charge than everyone else’s. So you know that will not be enough. What is the problem? Why is your battery always slow to charge? Here are the main culprits and what you can do about them.

Suspect number one – your cable

The first offender, in all slow charging cases, should always be your USB cable. Take a look at it: guilty as hell. Considering the terrible treatment my USB cables have taken, it’s no wonder that this is usually the reason why my phone doesn’t charge faster.

USB cables bend, twist, twist, roll around with chair wheels, and are generally misused – all of which is not very good at maintaining a strong connection and direct current. Also be sure to check the ends – they can fill with lint very easily.

Cables aren’t immune to physical wear and tear, and the USB connector itself wears out and may come loose when you plug in your phone. If the cable that came with your device is no longer reliable or you just lost it, beware of the cheapest charging options online. Higher grade cables have copper wire (some cheaper ones use aluminum and other substitutes that don’t hold up as well) and thicker rubber enamel around the wire, making it more resistant to damage.

Suspect 2: the power source

The next obvious question is where does your power come from? If you have a USB cable plugged into your laptop, your phone will charge incredibly slowly and you deserve it. The same goes for Qi wireless charging, which we know from new flagships such as the Samsung galaxy s9 , the Sony Xperia XZ2 , the Pixel 3 and the LG G7 . Although Qi is a brilliant technology, that brilliance comes at the expense of speed.

Your best bet is to have your phone plugged directly into the mains at the wall outlet. However, even that can be problematic, especially if you are in an old building where the wiring could be a bit sketchy. If you think this could be the problem, change your outlet (then call an electrician).

Suspect 3: Charger may not be correct

Finally, if it’s not your power source or cable, it’s likely the adapter you’re using is slowing your battery charging. There’s a reason each manufacturer provides a specific USB adapter for each phone they ship.

Switching adapters between phones can combine voltage, wattage, amperage, etc. That’s why it’s best to stick with the adapter that came with your phone or at least look at the fine print and replace it with another adapter of the same type.

Suspect 4: your phone itself

Sorry, but it’s true. If you sit down wondering why your Galaxy S2 is taking so long to charge, it’s probably because the old watch has worn out after many years of use. Newer processors not only support fast charging, but newer phones even come with turbo charging chargers. The Galaxy S6, for example, can use up your four hours of use after just ten minutes of connection.

Other phones that support fast charging will have a lightning bolt icon on the charger itself, possibly with turbo charge output numbers. Your phone can also become a lint pocket. So check your microUSB port and make sure that the small port flap is not bent when looking inside. Your battery might be full too, so ask yourself how old it is. The removable battery present at minus one of the advantages of older phones. If you can remove it, consider replacing it if it never seems to be able to charge normally.

At the end of the day, entropy brings a slow but sure end to all things. If your phone is old, it’s time to accept that it’s gone.

Suspect 5: is it… you?

That’s right, it’s the worst thing to keep your phone from charging fast when you can’t part with it. Seriously, if time is of the essence, your best bet is to leave it alone. Scrolling blindly through your Insta stream while observing your battery percentage is nowhere your fault.

So leave your phone alone when charging it, turn off your Wi-Fi / Data / Bluetooth or better yet turn it off completely. It’s actually the best way to quickly charge a phone: turn it off, plug it into the wall with the original charger, and take a break from your digital life (or head over to your computer if you have to). Even after as little as 15 minutes.

How long does it take for your phone to charge? How do you usually charge your phone? Let us know in the comments.