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This iPhone screenshot will terrorize phobic notifications

Ignazio Cassis 2000 notifications iphone - Cette capture d

Ignazio Cassis 2000 notifications iphone - Cette capture d

You have a blue fear of the accumulation of notifications unread on your iPhone ? So we advise you not to put yourself in the place ofIgnazio Cassis

After switching on his phone, this new Swiss minister saw the arrival 1,012 emails, 496 SMS, 251 WhatsApp messages, 379 LinkedIn requests and 132 messages on Facebook Messenger. All this just 24 hours after being elected Swiss Federal Councilor on Wednesday, September 20.

Ignazio Cassis 2000 iphone notifications - This iPhone screenshot will terrorize notification phobicsBefore embarking on reading these 2,270 notifications, the man took a screenshot of his iPhone and shared it on his Twitter account. He accompanied the screenshot of the following message: ” Thank you for this love tsunami, and excuse me for not being able to respond to everyone

Of course, Ignazio Cassis is not the only public figure to receive such a quantity of notifications and emails in less than 24 hours. Other celebrities probably get a lot more. It is however amusing to see that the new Swiss Federal Councilor is not at all used to such an influx of messages. When we know that stars face such “problems” every day, we understand why they often surround themselves with a Community Manager to manage their emails, messages and other notifications…