This Fortnite secret buff kills players

This strange Fortnite buff zaps players left and right.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 introduced several new mechanics to the game. The most noticeable changes concern minions, bosses, mythical weapons and NPC chests.

The new locations on the Fortnite map require you to face goons with extreme precision and, at times, powerful weapons. It's a common joke in the Fortnite community that Midas has more deaths than any player in Fortnite Season 2.

In fact, all the bosses of Fortnite – except TNTina – can be a nightmare to face. The players must work the angles and ensure that they are protected from the shots of the bosses and their henchmen.

Via: Epic Games

No one complained that the bosses and the goons were too weak. Landing in one of these places could allow you to clean up without even facing a real player.

Well, after patch v12.10, players started to notice that the goons and their bosses seemed even more precise than before. Here is a short montage of Tfue and Ninja destroyed by aimbot NPCs.

(0:46 for mobile viewers)

Ninja, Sypher and Funk all agree that the hired goons have improved the most recent patch. The question is: why?

The players were already destroyed by these 200 goons and bosses HP with even more health and shield. Do they really need to be this powerful?

Of course, we don't have patch notes to tell us that Epic has adjusted the henchmen's accuracy. Be careful when landing these places for your weekly TNTina challenges. You may be surprised how much damage you take.