This Android app makes your WiFi smarter

This Android app makes your WiFi smarter

Nowadays, mobile devices offer a host of nice features, but most of them are unstable and / or incomplete. In the subject of this article, we will propose an application – released this month, in January 2016 – that will allow the WiFi chip of your Android to be more foggy / autonomous, in addition to correcting some recurring problems . Call WiFi Saver, let's discover it without delay!

WiFi Saver: the application that will put your WiFi at a pace

Note : before you start, know that the application is only available in English (for now).

What does this consist of ?

Whether you own a smartphone and / or a tablet for a long time, you may already have problems with wireless networks, including WiFi. With the new WiFi Saver Android application, you will be able to more precisely parameterize the behavior of your mobile WiFi chip, so that it behaves more intelligently with WiFi wireless networks. Thus, several options have taken their seat in the application. Among these, there is even one that can search a particular network – known from your smartphone – when the chip is configured as disabled. A must-have possder, in clear.

AndroidPIT WIFI on the plane
WiFi is an excellent feature, but it is far from perfect. ANDRODPIT, Shutterstock

How to use it

Split into five parts, the application offers a variety of cool features that we will detail.

Main Mods

Most importantly, the first feature called Basic Saver automatically disables WiFi when the mobile is not connected to the network, while the second Low Strenght Saver disables WiFi when the signal is bad (below a signal strength of 30), the last one allows to block one or the other or both sets for it (s) to work (s) at all times. For once, it is rather useful!

wifi saver android download feature test review 01
The WiFi Saver app is very simple to take in hand. AndroidPIT

Auto Connect

When I come home at night, my Nexus 5 presents difficulties to connect like a big WiFi network to my home … It's annoying since I must then go to the bar state to make him understand that we have come home! Grrrr! That said, the WiFi Saver application will (once again) be able to solve this problem since the function Specify Network Name will allow it to automatically recognize the WiFi when it detects it, even when the WiFi option does not exist. is not active. The third option of this list is also nice since it allows to connect in a totally random way other open wireless networks. If you are concerned about your personal data, do not activate this feature.

Lock Mods

In this part of the application are installed two other smart functions that will allow to activate – also automatically – the connection to the WiFi network when you turn on the screen of your mobile, while the other option does the opposite. That is, from the moment you turn the screen on, the WiFi also disconnects.

wifi saver android download feature test review 02
The functions are all as intelligent as each other, although some may seem intrusive. AndroidPIT

Timer Mods

Interestingly, this section allows to activate and deactivate the WiFi of the chosen hours, as much for the personal WiFi networks as the others opened. Interesting, if you are used to using your mobile at specific times.


In this last part of the application, Other hosts several options that will allow you to configure the connection time, in addition to displaying the details of the WiFi network, or to change the theme of the app in black.

wifi saver android download feature test review 03
At the bottom of the list, it is possible to activate a dark theme to lessen the eyes. AndroidPIT

Where to download it?

WiFi Saver – Ultimate Manager is free for Android:

  • Version tests: 2.0
  • File size: about 5.4 MB
  • Compatibility: from Android 4.0
  • Economic model: totally free, ie without advertising or micropayment

WiFi Saver – Ultimate Manager
Install on Google Play

Do not miss the developer's profile on Google Play, it offers several other cool apps.

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