“Think Different”: Apple attacks Swatch for its slogan “Tick Different”

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Posted: April 13 2017
Updated: April 13, 2017

by benjamin

Apple filed a complaint with a Swiss court regarding the use of the slogan ” Tick ​​Different ” by Swatch in his latest advertising campaign. The Cupertino company accuses the watchmaker of unfairly using this slogan to refer to its own, which is ” Think different ” For its part, the Biel company defends itself by ensuring that the complaint of the apple brand is completely unfounded.

The complaint was received last week by the Swiss Federal Administrative Court from representatives of Apple, the law firm Lenz & Staehelin. A second appeal was also filed with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, but without action.

swatch tick different -

“Tick Different”: Swatch defends itself

Swatch CEO Nick Hayek rejects the claim that his company is looking to capitalize on the Apple brand. The director stipulates that the slogan “Tick Different” has its origin in a Swatch advertising campaign of the 80s having used the phrase ” Always different, always new ” For Hayek, the similarities are just mere coincidences.

According to the Swiss media Watson, to succeed in winning its lawsuit, Apple must demonstrate that Swatch’s use of the phrase creates an association with apple products in the minds of at least 50% of consumers. Case to follow…