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They are already lining up for the iPhone 5!

They are already lining up for the iPhone 5!

Since Friday, a small group of people have been queuing for the iPhone 5 in front of one of the Apple Stores in London….

While the start of marketing of the iPhone 5 will start next Friday, some people may be more excited than others to get their hands on it … As evidenced by this photo that came to us from one of our readers. The latter is visiting London this Friday and it is this occasion that he met a small group of people already installed in front of the Apple Store on Regent Street. Wondering about their presence – which could be related to the launch of the new iPhone – our reader went to approach them and realized that it was really what he thought: "They told me that for the world they would leave someone else their place", explains our reader. Obviously, the iPhone still arouses as much interest, five years after the arrival of the first model …

We discuss it on the forum.

Thank you William for the photo!