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These are the most subscribed YouTubers

These are the most subscribed YouTubers

No doubt YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world. You can find anything on this site. And we mean anything! Sports comedy, music, theoretical classes, life, motivational speeches, name it! The guys who own the channels are ordinary people like you, but they share valuable content that people like. This means that people decide to follow them and subscribe to their channels. As a reward, users can listen and watch their content and even be notified when each new video is shared. Some of these guys have an astounding number of followers. Here are the most subscribed YouTubers 8.

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Most Subscribed YouTubers

T-Series (Millions 106.38)

T-series is the largest Indian record company and Indian film production company. It is Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited. The channel offers a variety of languages ​​and genres and is well known for its Bollywood soundtracks, which strive to make the lives of listeners more enjoyable. He now has pole position, but a few years back he changed position with PewDiePie.

PewDiePie (Millions 98.16)

The chain is devoted to games and comedy. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, the owner, is a Youtuber from Sweden who mainly publishes video game reviews and tips. He's almost 10 years on YouTube since he left college to devote himself to content creation. Felix created the chain in 2010 and only gained popularity two years later. In 2016, he was named as one of the most influential people in the world by 100.

5-Minute Mtiers (Millions 58.91)

He has amazing DIY projects, crafts and life hacks. Proposs hacks are super useful and must-haves for everyone. It belongs to a media editor called The Soul Publishing. The chain was launched in 2015 and, in just 4 years, it has acquired a popular standard, which is growing exponentially every day. There are more than 3000 video messages.

KondZilla Canal (Millions 50.66)

It is a music channel belonging to a Brazilian producer and screenwriter, Konrad Duntas, which has more than 700 videos. It is the number one channel in Brazil in terms of subscribers. The music is in Portuguese and the quality of the videos is great.

WWE (Millions 46.29)

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is a sports channel offering wrestling matches and behind the scenes benefits. It's a good place to watch games and have fun since everything is there. Raw and SmackDown superstars can be viewed on this channel. It was launched in 2005 and has more than 1500 videos so far.

Justin Bieber (Million 45.94)

The popstar has all her videos on her YouTube channel. He is also an actor and composer. The channel presents music, interviews and shows by the Canadian star. There are videos of Bieber when he was little and it is all worth watching, especially if you are a fan.

Perfect Dude (Millions 43.93)

Offers sports and comedy. Cory Cotton, Twins Coby, Garret Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tylor Tony will show you how it goes, specializing in golf, basketball, football and other sports. If you like sports, this is your place. Former high school classmates are good at motivating even in the absence of spectators. They are good at mastering a specific skill before filming. The chain started in 2009 and so far contains over 200 videos. They have received tremendous support and acclaim from many famous people because of their unique way of doing things.

Hello i am german (Millions 39.57)

The humorous content is provided by the Chilean YouTuber, writer and actor. The guy is popular with his games. It is the most watched channel in Spanish. Check it out as you will find many hilarious videos there.