There will be 117 new mojis this year, including a ninja

Dj that basically, life is a bit rotten, so imagine without mojis! Hell to live. Fortunately, each year the manufacturers of devices and tellers of all kinds add new images which bring forth a smile on our tired faces. 2020 will be no exception to the rule, since 117 mojis (!) Have been selected by the Unicode consortium. This list of mojis number 13.0 contains a Ninja. That's all there is to know.

Okay, there is also a black cat, a mammoth, a bison, a beaver, a polar bear, a dodo, a TOO MIMI seal, insects, a non-genus version (?) Of Pre Nol, a heart and anatomical lungs, a man smiling happy but with tears in his eye, a man dressed up, a man dressed in a wedding dress (or a veil), a woman and a man in a suit, a man and a woman giving bottle

However, it is knavo the hustlers for those who wanted a Breton flag: no trace of the gwenn ha du in this new oven. The full list can be found at Emojipedia. It is now the turn of manufacturers and publishers to take over and adapt the drawing of images to their devices / platforms. Usually Apple delivers packages of new mojis in the fall.