Themer: change Android themes with one click

Themer: change Android themes with one click

You're tired of the appearance of your system, boring and monotonous, but you do not want to root or install a custom rom? Themer brings you the solution: the application allows you to change the themes of your Android easily.

Themer App Screenshot Theme
Custom themes can be installed on most Android devices, but few users benefit. / MyColorScreen.Com

Behind the Themer app, lies, a community bringing together a large number of designers offering complete themes, delivered with widgets, screens and original icons. Installing a theme on Android can be tricky or even catastrophic (I personally have already completely reset my One X because of that …). Themer could actually become the tool that many expect to be able to change the appearance of their Android easily.

Themer App Screenshot website
The home page of Themer allows you to register for the firm beta. / AndroidPIT

First, we advise you to follow the video instructions presented by MyColorScreen on YouTube. It's in English, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Link to the video

Themer will be available for free and for the general public when it is released. You can now try it by registering. To do this, launch the application that you can download from the Google Play Store: Themer Beta.

themer android themes
Ok … We'll have to be patient. Developers explain by email that they need time to adapt their servers. / AndroidPIT

How did it work?

When you have finally received your access code the beta test, you must enter it at the launch of the application. Then enter your Google or Facebook credentials. Once these steps are done, you can indulge yourself and navigate among the countless themes available.

themer browser theme
The explorer of themes and the overview of the theme Breaking Bad. / AndroidPIT

Once your favorite theme is found, simply click on "Apply" at the bottom right. The theme is then downloaded and installed.

Theme change, setting

Once you have installed a new theme, you are automatically redirected to your new home screen. To return to Themer, go to your application drawer and click on Themer's icon at the top right.

themer app drawer icon
Themer's icon allows you to quickly access Themer. / AndroidPIT

Developers behind Themer have obviously kept in mind that many users like to customize their smartphone. Many options on the "Advanced" tab allow, for example, to hide the notification bar automatically. If you have created your own Android theme, you can simply export it from the application settings. The blog of the developers, anglophone, allows to stay informed of the news concerning the application.

Tips, help

Themer is easy to use, but it's a beta, so you can find yourself in a dead end. Here are some tips.

My theme is not displayed

If you have changed the resolution of your screen, or if you have for example installed a custom rom, the theme may be "cracked" by these changes.

Themer does not work!

Make sure your smartphone runs with Android Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher. Tablets are not compatible at the moment. Also know that themer does not work with the following smartphones: LG Optimus G, Sony Xperia J, Samsung Galaxy Note 1 and Huawei Ascend Mate.

Compatible resolutions

For obvious reasons of display compatibility, the following resolutions are supported: 1920 x 1080, 1776 x 1080, 1280 x 768, 1184 x 720, 960 x 540, 888 x 540, 800 x 480.


Themer is easy to use, lets you change the appearance of your Android easily and without having to root or install a customizable rom on your device. It is also a very good alternative to launchers, sometimes somewhat intrusive and not always stable for some. In addition, the ability to change themes in one click is really practical. Themer is special, in the sense that it is not only an audience of geeks or at least enthusiasts, but for everyone who wants to change their Android easily.

Moreover, despite the beta test phase of the application, it is stable and works very well. The test was performed on a Sony Xperia Z with Android 4.2.2.

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