iPhone 12

their launch should not be delayed

Although the Coronavirus epidemic is far from over, DigiTimes seems confident when the launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone SE 2. Normally, mass production should not be affected, knowing that it will start this summer (end June July).

iPhone 12

DigiTimes also explains that:

Manufacturers of bass compound semiconductor components Tawan are preparing to respond to deliveries of PA (power amplifier), RF (radio frequency) and VCSEl devices for a new iPhone model, provisionally called "SE2". And the visibility of their orders for the new device is increasing, despite uncertainties about the coronavirus epidemic, according to industry sources.

Sources said the iPhone SE2, an entry-level LCD model expected to be launched in the first half of 2020, will mainly incorporate the same components as those adopted for the iPhone 8. American IDMs such as Qorvo and Avago are among RF and PA suppliers (the components of the new model). Their Taiwanese platelet founding partners Win Semiconductors, Visual Photonics Epitaxy (VPEC) and Advanced Wireless Semiconductor (AWSC) will indirectly operate the iPhone SE2 supply chain, the sources said.

Apple would also have placed more orders for the future A14 Bionic processor. Orders are said to be 50% higher than those of the A13 Bionic in 2019. The California glove is apparently expecting large sales of its future iPhone 12, dotted with 5G.

Of course, this is the latest information, but if the Coronavirus outbreak is not contained, the situation may still change.