Their first appointment almost turned into a nightmare, but fortunately the Apple Watch was there

Their first appointment almost turned into a nightmare, but fortunately the Apple Watch was there

watch ipa iphoneWhat are you organizing for your first date with someone who interests you? The majority of people will meet you for a drink, sharing a meal in the restaurant or going to the cinema! However, James Prudenciano, who is passionate about hiking, decided to take his favorite Paige Paruso with whom he had been talking for several days, to make a beautiful hike in a beautiful natural park in New Jersey in the United States …

The Apple Watch detected something abnormal during the hike

A long hike is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other. In addition to this ride, it was fine and the conversation between the (future) young couple was interesting and rewarding. Several hours pass and the night begins to fall gradually. The young couple then decided to go through a small descent to reach their car faster, which appeared to be a small slope, was in fact a cliff. Caught in their lan, they can not stop their falls from this cliff that was steep. James then fell several dozen meters and the wounds are serious. It breaks its back because of the impact on several rocks. Paige also falls, but the consequences of her fall are much less serious.

apple watch

The Apple Watch immediately understands that there is a problem

Once the fall is done, the Apple Watch comes in. The Apple Watch Connector has also taken a nasty shock, which has activated the fall arrest sensor. The latter immediately started the alert procedure, which consists of calling the helpers, by communicating the precise location of James Prudenciano, who was suffering very much.

Given the situation, James loses his temper and tells himself Paige that he really feels like he's going to die. He says in an interview granted New 12that for him there was no way out.

It took a little less than an hour to see the rescue arrive thanks to the report of the Apple Watch. James and Paige saw a boat approaching them, it was the emergency room that was present to take them to the hospital. What's great is that Paige like James did not need to worry about looking for their smartphones to call emergencies, the Apple Watch was already busy launching the alert. They were able to focus on their wounds and try to find a way out before the help arrived.

James, who is 28 years old, had active fall detection. It is disabled for people under 65 years old. It must therefore be activated manually in the settings of the application. Luckily, as he was aware of this feature, he had activated a few days after buying his watch.

Here's how to activate the fall detection

To activate the fall detection, simply open the "Watch" application on your iPhone. Then go to "Emergency Call":

fall detection

Then in the menu you will see this on your iPhone:

anti fall detection

It will just activate the function "Detection of falls". If you are over 65, no need to do that. The function is active by default!