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Searching for applications for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or Mac can sometimes prove worthy of the obstacle course. On the App Store (and on the Mac App Store), it is not always easy to find the application you need. Fortunately, a new site has just appeared: The latter, completely free, allows you to easily search for an application or game.

Just enter a keyword on the home page and results are automatically offered to you as you go under the search bar. To see all the results, a small click on the magnifying glass, and voila. In all good honor, we obviously do a search on our application World Is Small. And the result arrived in stride without error.

theappstore 01 - find iOS apps easier

The results page already gives a certain amount of information on applications and games. In addition, by clicking on the name of the app, the screenshots of the latter are displayed. The result page has tools on the left which can be used to filter the results. Note that also offers the search for apps for macOS.

Then, to retrieve the desired application, just click on the price or on “Free”, as for the application World Is Small. The application link then opens automatically on iTunes (computer) or on the App Store (iOS). is still in beta, but it is still fully functional. Hopefully Apple will not put a spanner in the works for this project which has the merit of simplifying things, all without intrusive advertising.

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