The white iPhone 4 arrives in two weeks

The white iPhone 4 arrives in two weeks

The white iPhone 4 would it finally be ready for sale after 10 months of delay? It is what pretends in any case Bloomberg who claims to have obtained information from a secure source but desires to maintain his anonymity. The white iPhone 4 trim is slated to arrive by the end of the month.

Almost there, the wait was long, we are finally waiting for the official press release from Apple. In two weeks, the white iPhone 4 will finally show its face and officially this time!

A delay of 10 months due to a stubborn white color.

When iPhone 4 was released in late June, Apple had announced a first time that the white model would not be available immediately and would be marketed around the month of August last year, We are sorry to disappoint the customers waiting for the new white iPhone, simply said an Apple spokesperson at the time. Some time later, a new postponement was announced and the Cupertino company had finally decided to communicate on the problem related to the production of the device. In question, the white color, from the back side, was not “Not perfect enough” only to start production. That’s all we learned from Apple. Nevertheless, certain rumors indicated that the backlighting of the engine caused light leaks on the rear hull, which caused a defect in size in terms of aesthetics of the device and it is obviously excluded for Apple to start the sale of a product that is not perfect.

A release of the white iPhone 4 in the United States at first?

According to the same source, the long-awaited device will be sold at the end of the month to operators AT&T and Verizon Wireless. There is no doubt that the arrival of this model in our cons should follow shortly thereafter, if it would not be sold at the same time.

One million white iPhone 4s for launch?

Still according to the same source, it would be a million white iPhone 4 that would be expected when it is launched. Note that this figure is relatively similar to the various iPhone models sold when they were launched. If we know that many people no longer have to wait for the arrival of the device to finally turn to the black model, a certain number of people may nevertheless rush to get it, despite the fact that the other model has been on sale for 10 months.

Phil Schiller's teasing on Twitter.

Last month, Apple’s vice president of marketing, Phil Shiller, had confirmed the arrival of the white iPhone 4 for Spring. Despite this declaration and the incessant postponements of the product, we finally no longer had too much hope of seeing it land before the arrival of the new generation of the product.

Your opinion on the arrival of the white iPhone 4?

What do you think now of the arrival of the white iPhone 4? are you still interested in this product? Would you be willing to resell your black iPhone 4 to be able to get this new model? Aren't you due to see it land with the current specifications of the iPhone 4 and not through a sophisticated model?

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