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The Weather Channel2.3

if you want more precise forecasts than those offered by the standard iOS application, La Chaine Météo has everything you need! We will simply regret the fact that it is slower to start than the Apple widget.

The Weather Channel has been part of the Canalsat standard package since 1995. Broadcast continuously (also on the web), this channel devotes most of its programming to very detailed weather reports. Even if the iPhone already has a weather application as standard, it is quite basic and the label of a chain specialized in the field can be an undeniable asset for a quality application.

This is true: the application of the Weather Channel is in line with its promises. Based on Météo France data, it offers a global view of the weather on a map of France with 15-day forecasts (which is not offered by the Apple app, but also 8-day forecasts for all cities on the planet, with maximum and minimum temperatures, wind and sunrise and sunset times, for ski resorts and, since version 2.1, for beaches!

So much for the classic part, but what about the video? This one is pretty well exploited. If the programs are not broadcast continuously, there will be 6 separate bulletins for the different regions of the French territory, a technical bulletin (frontology, air masses) and a satellite observation updated regularly. Special bulletins are also available in the event of a Météo France alert. Everything is available anywhere in the world, without limitation. The videos are of fairly average quality in 3G, and standard iOS controls are used. The interface, despite some advertisements and a somewhat long start-up time, is a model of its kind.

Using advice :To avoid consuming your 3G internet plan quickly, we recommend that you use the La Chaine Météo application from a Wi-Fi connection