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The water-resistant iPhone 7 with invisible antennas?

iphone 6 eau - L

iphone 6 eau - L

In recent months, rumors about the water resistance of the next Apple phone are becoming more numerous (read: iPhone 7: the smartphone with a new waterproof shell? And A waterproof shell & 3 GB of RAM on the iPhone 7?).

According to a recent report posted online by Digitimes, Apple will offer waterproof smartphones to its customers in the future. For this, the Cupertino company will of course have to review the design and certain components of its iPhone.

iphone 6 water - The water resistant iPhone 7 with invisible antennas?Of course, it is not yet known whether this process will be completed for theiPhone 7 or for a future version of the device. Either way, it is rumored that one of the chassis suppliers will be Catcher Technology, which will take care of 30% to 35% of production.

Otherwise, Digitimes ensures that Apple will remove the antenna bands present on the back covers of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S with the release of the iPhone 7. As a reminder, the latter should be available in September.