the washing machine war is not over

the washing machine war is not over

Have LG Electronics employees sabotaged washing machine competitor Samsung at IFA 2014 in Berlin last September? The world number one in telephony had filed a complaint against its competitor for degradation, preventing the household appliance from being the subject of demonstrations during the show.

logo-samsung Samsung said it was outraged by such behavior aimed at denigrate quality of his products, while the head of household appliances LG had denied any bad behavior, despite compromising images filmed on the spot, the group responding to Samsung by a defamation complaint.

LG had responded to Samsung's accusations by saying that the hinges of its competitor's washing machine were very fragile, explaining the malfunction during the IFA.

LG Electronics logoThe case is therefore continuing its course and the Korean headquarters of LG Electronics and one of its production sites have been the subject of a search this Friday, during which the investigators allegedly seized hard drives and recovered documents.

The site indicates that the person in charge of the household appliances branch Jo Seong-jin is the subject of a travel ban due to his absence during the searches.

The LG group stressed that it would fully submit to the injunctions … but only after the CES 2015 in Las Vegas in January, which the Korean giant is actively preparing. To see if the travel ban will be lifted in the coming days when he must be present at one of the biggest technology fairs of the year.