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The Wall Street Journal more than wary of Apple News +


Posted: March 27 2019
Updated: March 27, 2019

by Steve

At the announcement ofApple News + Monday evening at the apple brand keynote event, not everyone found the idea incredible. First, because if the service at $ 10 per month gives access to more than 300 magazines and daily newspapers, it only seems to be reserved for Americans. In France, we will have to be patient for a long time to have the application. Second, because the media partners ofApple are likely to affect very little: Apple takes 50% of the subscription price, the rest is shared between ALL media groups.

Apple news magazine - The Wall Street Journal more than wary of Apple News +

So, Apple, savior or murderer of the press? The Wall street journal, which is part of the media signing a contract with Apple, also seems to doubt Apple News +. WSJ President and CEO, William Lewis, for example ruled that “ this agreement will allow us to offer our joints to millions of people who would never subscribe to the WSJ ” That said, the deal says the Wall Street Journal can leave Apple’s platform at any time. And this, without notice.

The articles disseminated by the WSJ will only be the most general articles, such as national political news, sports and leisure; but economic information, for example, will only be readable through the newspaper’s official app. And finally, only information from the last three days will be available on the application. In short, big doubts expressed about the apparent agreement.