the virtual reality kit for Switch available!

the virtual reality kit for Switch available!

The new kit Nintendo Labo dedicated to virtual reality is available since today. As a reminder, it is for the brand to offer on the Switch console a first introduction to the virtual reality for kids.

Nintendo Labo RVNintendo Labo RV 1

The kit includes 6 different Toy-Con: from a simple VR helmet to a cannon, camera, bird, elephant or even a wind pedal. You will have to assemble the different cardboard models before integrating the Switch, all done without glue or scissors.

Nintendo Labo RV 2

The kit will also be available in other smaller kits incorporating only part of the Toy-Cons mentioned. You will still have to buy the basic kit containing the cartridge, the barrel and the VR glasses to take advantage of it.

The proposed virtual reality is similar to that which can already be found on smartphones, a basic virtual reality which has little to do with what higher-end headsets like the Oculus Rift offer or the HTC Vive, but for Nintendo it could be a first try before engaging more seriously in this field.

Note that two programming tools are also included. The Atelier Toy-Con was already present in the previous kits and has been optimized for it. It allows the player to create their own virtual reality games and experiences. It's the same software that was used by the development team to create everything in the VR space. Players can even open games from the VR place in the Toy-Con VR Workshop to find out how they work, customize them, or use them to create entirely new games. Your turn now !

You will be able to acquire the complete kit at 69.90 € official price but already at 64.99 € only at Amazon, or the various packs available at the main resellers such as for example the Fnac or Amazon (the best prices at the moment) which offer them all.

As a reminder, it is not advisable to expose children under the age of 7 to these Virtual Reality experiences.