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The "Vido Buzz of the Day" on your iPhone

The "Vido Buzz of the Day" on your iPhone

The “Video Buzz of the Day” application allows you to discover the video that makes the buzz on the web daily on your iPhone.

Available since recently on the App Store, the new iPhone application “La Vido Buzz du Jour” does not pretend to revolutionize the world of iPhone applications but simply seeks to offer a few minutes of fun and laughter every day.

Browsing the web every day, the developers of the app will find out what is the most viral video at the moment. The themes covered include animals, facts, podcasts, sports, TV and media and of course geekeries.

The “Vido Buzz of the Day” application will accompany users in the office, in the metro or in the toilet. It will also allow its users not to miss the “buzz” of the day via its push notification system.

Download the “La Vido Buzz du Jour” app on the App Store. The application is free, so why not use it?

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