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The US Air Force and the iPad on video

Supreme air-comThis is not the first time that Apple tablets have been mentioned in cockpits, but the US Air Force project will save American aviation $ 50 million.

By equipping these pilots with iPads, the air force will be able to save considerable weight by getting rid of bulky and heavy paperwork. So there will be less fuel spent and the tool is more practical according to the chefs. Video demonstration.

To better understand his program, a fairly well made video was published. And thanks to these images, we understand better how iPads can be used in a cockpit. Whether in an Air France Airbus or an army cargo plane.

Link to video

As we learn in the video, each crew member had to take up to 40 kilos of equipment before the arrival of iPads. This will save $ 5 million each year for ten years.

It's a nice move for Apple since these are 18,000 tablets that are going to be sold to the same customer. And nothing originally indicated that the military would lean toward Apple's solution. At the same time it is not so surprising, we know the patriotism of the Americans, even from the economic point of view.