The TV News app simplifies the tl program

The TV News app simplifies the tl program

The TV News app, developed by Rossel, arrives on the App Store. A simple and user-friendly way to find the TV program on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and much more…

Sylvain Piraux | The evening

The new TV News app will delight iDevice users who are looking for a simple solution to find the TV program on a daily basis and benefit from a few additional features.

“Strategically, we are thus occupying the field of TV and social TV”, says Daniel Van Wylick, editorial director of the group. “We are also independent of channels. This application is unique in the French-speaking landscape. Until now, we only had partial applications like that of VOO, or, non-French speakers, like that of TVGids ”.

As soon as the application is launched, the latter offers you to compose the choice of your favorite channels from around thirty TV channels offered. Once this is done, all you have to do is navigate through the application and access the program for the day (or days to follow with a week in advance) to then find out more about the content available from different categories. Open the "file" of a mission or a film to discover the summary, a review from Cinnews and possibly view his trailer. Take advantage of the tools available in the form of your TV content to remind you of its date and time of broadcast, add it to your favorites, comment on it using the social tool “Le salon” and share it on social networks and / or the 'send by e-mail.

Besides its classic interface, TV News also offers you the possibility of viewing the television program via the “My evening” functionality. This will allow you to discover “the menu” of the evening by swiping with your fingertip on the different missions and films represented by thumbnails with the possibility of accessing the detailed files of each content and possibly viewing their trailer .

The “Lounge” functionality will allow users to view trends in television content for the day, week and month and will provide them with “a lounge” where it will be possible to read but also post reviews from critics. report with each content. The more reactions there are to the TV content, the more it will gain in trend in the ranking offered through the application.

Finally, TV News proposes to find all the latest news related to the world of television from the editorial staff of Evening, of Evening mag, and of Sud Presse.

the writing of Belgium-iPhone, we are delighted with the arrival of the TV News app! After a few tests, we very quickly realized that the TV News application is very easy to use and offers “this little something more” which does not benefit from the already existing “TV program” applications, and which more is, free!

Download the TV News app for free from the App Store.

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