The Touch ID under the screen would arrive with the iPhone 12

The Touch ID under the screen would arrive with the iPhone 12

iphone 12 iconFace ID will it be joined by Touch ID, the one he had replaced on the iPhone X? While the firm Apple has filed numerous patents around a sensor under the screen, competitors are already on the market like Samsung or Huawei.

But according to the Economic Daily News, Apple will offer an iPhone 12 model with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in 2020.

touchid under xiaomi wide sensor

An on-screen imprint sensor provided by GIS

From their source, Apple would have an appointment next week with GIS, a Taiwanese touch screen manufacturer to contract a component that would go into one of three or four iPhone 5G 2020. priori, the sensor itself would be provided by Qualcomm who already has several Android phones.

As expected, Apple would have chosen an ultrasonic sensor and not an optical model that is easy to fool because of the 2D photo it takes. In addition, the ultrasound solution is much faster. It's about the same kind of technology that is found in Face ID with a projection of points to model a 3D figure.

This is enough to relaunch the rumor on an iPhone dual system of biomechanical recognition, something advanced by Kuo and Bloomberg for almost a year.

Are you for the choice between the two? Personally, although Face ID is very effective, in some situations it seems more convenient to put your finger on the screen.