Touch ID sous écran

the Touch ID sensor under the screen, soon a reality?

One of the big questions about future iPhones is whether Apple will opt for an on-screen Touch ID sensor.

Touch ID on screen

Apple continues to work on both forms of Biometric Security and today obtained a new patent for the use of an integrated screen fingerprint sensor.

The patent itself is a means of optically reading fingerprints. Existing iPhones with Touch ID sensors use capacitive touch to read fingerprints. Apple uses the same technology for the Touch ID on the 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air.

However, for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has switched to an optical drive. In this case, the sensor is simply integrated into the power button in the same way as previous capacitive versions, but the optical readers could also be used for Touch ID on the screen.

Each form of biometric authentication has its advantages and disadvantages. Face ID is faster, it authenticates instantly without the need for explicit user actions. This is particularly useful with banking applications, where you simply open and access the application without doing anything. However, the sensors require a little space on the front of the device, so the Touch ID sensor under the screen would allow thinner, if not none, images, since cameras and normal speakers can be integrated into the screen.

Finally, we must also consider that Touch ID and Face ID have their fans among the users. Offering both options could be considered the best thing, even if it would be a strange approach for Apple. The firm believes that users do not really know what they want until they test a new technology.