The ToF sensor of the iPad Pro and iPhone Pro 2020 provided by LG

The ToF sensor of the iPad Pro and iPhone Pro 2020 provided by LG

ipad pro iconTo believe the latest leaks, Apple would have chosen the corean firm LG Innotek for its future sensors flight time – o time of flight (ToF) in English. Expected for the iPhone 5G 2020, it could also happen on the iPad Pro at the same time.

Flight Time Sensor on iPhone and iPad

If you have missed the train, know that this component is already shipped by devices equipped with Face ID, washing so. It serves to calculate the depth of field in the image and thus allows a 3D view of the scene. This is particularly very practical in motion-capture and / or in reality increases. Apple already has the technical solution and seeks to generalize all this, probably soon in glasses or a ddi helmet.

This rumor sign site coren The Elec is not new but it confirms the trend launched by Ming-Chi Kuo, Bloomberg and other Digitimes. But most importantly, it is cho that in 2017 that announced the first 3D photo sensor on an iPhone, something that we will see quickly arrive on the iPhone X. And the source was already sign of the site coren who cited LG as a supplier.

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LiPad Pro first

Finally, the most interesting here is the presence of the ToF sensor on the iPad Pro that will be released in March 2020. They should have the first novelty, not iPhone 12. Bizarre. In any case, the tablet will take the opportunity to pass three sensors larry, as the iPhone 11 Pro.